What To Expect in Worship

In our worship gatherings we utilize a projector and screen to worship with some more modern hymns and worship music. However we also utilize hymnals and an organ. Most churches would consider our worship style to be blended in nature.

Above all, our goal in worship is to direct our attention to and on God. We select songs that articulate the greatness and truth about God, the cross, Jesus Christ and the gospel message. In lieu of accommodate any one style of music or what's "popular",  our goal is to sing words that are biblical, meaningful, expressive and yet doctrinally sound.  

You will find all kinds of dress at Grace on a Sunday morning.  From those in shirts, ties and dresses to those in collared shirts, t-shirts, and jeans, we care more about focusing our attention on the one we're worshiping more than on what our neighbors are wearing. We encourage modesty and a freedom to come as you are. 

Pastor Matt does wear a robe on more traditional Sunday's and during Advent, but will occassionally wear jeans. Most times you'll find him wearing khaki's and a collared shirt though.